Build a System

Page 3 is divided into 2 sections. The top section deals with system justification. The bottom half is concerned with the competition involved in the deal.

System Justification

The information gathered here enables us to calculate a Return on Investment for the customer. Multi-Shifter battery handling systems usually pay for themselves in 2 years or less.

We ask for the customer’s investment in forklifts, batteries, and chargers.

The hourly labor rate let’s us calculate the dollar value of the time saved by quicker battery changes.

We need to know how long it presently takes the customer to change a battery. This compared to Multi-Shifter’s change time to derivesa a time savings per battery change.

The average pallet movement time is documented so we can calculate how many more pallets can be moved per shift with faster battery changes.

The cost per square foot of the warehouse space is used to calculate the space savings associated with Multi-Shifter’s systems.

Finally, we ask for the area of the present system to show how much space a Multi-Shifter system can save.

All these elements combine to furnish the customer with a realistic ROI for his Multi-Shifter project.

As we stated earlier, most Multi-Shifter systems have a ROI of 2 years or less .

Competitive Information

We want to know the following:

     Is there competition in this deal?

     If so, who is the competition?

     What kind of battery handling vehicle is being quoted?

     Is the vehicle quoted AC or DC powered?

     What type of battery stands are being quoted?

     What type of washer is being quoted?

     Is waste water filtration being quoted?

     Are Poly-Slide inserts for trucks included in price?

These questions help us to because our quotation and the competition's are apples to apples. That way can show we have the best competitive edge.

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