Multi-Shifter’s Battery Wash Systems

Why Wash Batteries?

Machinery is routinely washed. Why? One answer is to enhance its visual appearance. More importantly, clean machines operate better and last longer. Industrial batteries are no different.

The electrolyte of wet cell lead acid batteries expands during the charging process. Under certain conditions, some of the acid solution is pushed through the cell cap’s vent, and an acid residue accumulates on top of the battery.

A variety of maintenance and safety problems can result.

An electrolytic acid residue allows current to flow from the battery’s terminals to its steel tray. This action is referred to as Tracking. It can:

- Reduce battery performance
- Increase battery and truck maintenance costs
- Damage a truck’s expensive electronics package

Dirty batteries cause other operational problems too.

Corroded cables and terminals reduce the flow of electrical current available to the lift truck. Less current, less work.

Trays and cables weakened by corrosion are safety issues. Weakened battery trays can fail unexpectedly. Corroded cables can break without warning & release uncontrolled energy. Both seriously jeopardize worker safety.

Washing batteries as a normal component of battery maintenance prevents these serious problems from arising. Multi-Shifter Inc. manufactures a line of battery washers to meet everyone’s needs. We build three distinct lines:

- Manual Battery Wash Stands
- Automatic Wash Cabinets
- Programmable Auto-Washers

If increasing plant efficiency and safety are important to your company, then let Multi-Shifter Inc. help. Contact us or one of our distributors today! Multi-Shifter.... "Excellence by Design".