Inserts for Counter Balance Trucks: Effective and Inexpensive!!!!

Historically, Sit Down Counter Balance forklift trucks have had their batteries removed vertically. Batteries were changed by another truck or overhead crane utilizing a battery beam. For many years, forklift manufacturers did not recognize the need for horizontal change methods. Finally, however, manufacturers responded to customer demands and began offering battery side removal as a factory option.

For trucks that are not equipped from the factory with this option, four (4) wheel Sit Down Counter Balance trucks are usually very easy to field modify. By utilizing Poly-Slide or Low Profile Roller Inserts from Multi-Shifter, Inc., the job can often be done at half the factory's rate! While it is usually not feasible to field modify 3-wheel Counter Balance trucks, each truck will need to be assessed individually.

If approved by the manufacturer or its representative, modifications can be performed by a:

1. User
2. Local Dealer
3. Qualified Third Party

For general guidance, see our insert Installation Recommendations.

The Products

Multi-Shifter, Inc. manufactures a very broad assortment of battery support strips and low profile rollers that simplifies the modification process. They are grouped under two main classes: Poly-Slide Inserts and Low Profile Roller Inserts.

Poly-Slide Insert Strips are the most popular and come in many variations. They are composed of a UHMW polyethylene bearing material with internal lubricants and are enclosed within a steel channel. A steel backing plate provides additional location support in some models. The inserts do an exceptionable job and are:

- Inexpensive
- Easily Installed - Bolted or Welded
- Long Wearing

Low Profile Roller Inserts are specified when batteries are encountered with the following friction inducing characteristics.
- Weight Greater than 3,500 Lbs.
- Excessively Corroded Tray Bottoms

Need More Information?

For pricing or installation details, call either Michael DelVecchio or Scott Houston in our After Sales Service Department @ (800) 457-4472.