Different Needs, Different Stands

Battery Storage Systems:

Multi-Shifter Inc. manufactures a wide assortment of battery stands and modular battery storage systems to meet the needs of industry.

The product line spans the range from simple one compartment roller service stands to multiple level stacking systems. In addition, many options are available from the factory to tailor the stand or system requirements to exact customer needs.

The company produces (3) types of battery storage systems.

Single Level Roller Stands
Modular Poly-Glide Stands
Modular Multi-Level Roller Stands
While these products differ in design, they share the common qualities that run through the Multi-Shifter product line.

-Flexible designs
-Rugged structures built to withstand the harsh environment of the battery charging room.
-Baked on Epoxy Coating that assures long service life.

Letís examine each product line in depth and discover how Multi-Shifter manufacturers the BEST battery stands and modular storage systems in the industry.