BIG changes happen in as little as 2 minutes!

Single-Level Vehicles:

The Single Level line of Multi-Shifter Vehicles represents the most cost effective method for ALL fork lift fleetoperators to modernize their battery change operations. The key to this lineís success is its rugged and versatile design. Proven in two decades of use, these vehicles have increased productivity and afety in over 1,500 installations. So, whether the battery to be changed is in a small Pallet Jack, Narrow Aisle Truck, or large Counter Balance truck, a Single Level Multi-Shifter vehicle exists that can do it all.

All Single Level units incorporate the following advanced features.

General Specifications:

- Track Guidance for accurate alignment
- Broad vehicle range - capacity up to 10,000 lbs.
- Single, double, triple, or quad battery compartments
- Magnetic Grab on floating yoke design provides powerful, dependable battery attachment
- Vehicle Magnet features a Full Five Year Warranty
- Unique design configuration eliminates powered roller beds and minimizes overall system width. Simplicity and Efficiency
- Lift bed rollers feature acid resistant UHMW Poly bearings for long service life
- Rack and Pinion equalization system for outstanding stability
- Hydraulically powered work functions with sensitive, variable speed controls
- 24 VDC power standard, 480 VAC optional
- Steel surfaces protected by an electrostatically applied and baked on acid resistant Epoxy Coating
- Comprehensive safety features such as operator back guard, finger guard, key switch and Deadman pedal interlock
- Wide variety of options

Contact us or one of our distributors. Let us show you how our Single-Level line of battery handling vehicles can improve your plantís operational efficiency.