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Is Multi-Shifter Equipment Worth The Cost?

Posted on August 6, 2012 22:17 by Admin

Our customers sometimes ask us what kind of value our materials handling equipment adds to their operation. That's a fair question. Before spending money on battery lifts or battery storage system, you should ask yourself if the equipment is going to provide a good return on your investment. Here are just three ways Multi-Shifter improves your fleet operations.

Do More Work

The standard way to run a forklift is to run the truck until the battery is low and then plug it in until recharged. However when that truck is recharging, it's not working. Would you put up with a driver who loafed around half the day? No. So why put up with trucks that do that.

Rather than taking trucks off the line, use Multi-Shifter materials handling equipment to service the forklift in the field. When a forklift battery runs low, send out a battery lift to pull the dead battery and quickly install a new one. The truck is out of service for minutes rather than hours and can get back to work in no time. Or maybe you are already doing battery swaps but doing them by hand. If you use Multi-Shifter materials handling equipment, a worker can swap out far more batteries in a day than one doing it manually.

Spend Less Money

Forklifts that idle during recharge don't just cut productivity. They also cost money as you buy vehicles you don't need. Let's say you need 10 trucks in operation but you know 1/3 of your fleet will be in recharge at any given time. That means you need to buy 15 forklifts just to keep 10 in operation. That doesn't seem like smart spending. Battery swaps mean you can buy just 10 trucks--maybe 11 to have a spare in case one breaks down--and greatly reduce capital expenses.

Some fleets make the mistake of giving batteries a quick charge to get a forklift back in service more quickly. These brief charges create sulfation and shorten battery life. However if you use materials handling equipment to transport and store the batteries in a dedicated recharge station you can take the time to give them full charges and increase their useful life.

Keep Workers Safe

Forklift batteries can be dangerous if mishandled. However you can protect workers from electric shock, acid burns and physical injury by using materials handling equipment to remove and transport batteries rather than doing it by hand. Multi-Shift equipment has been designed with worker safety as our top priority. We keep the operators as far from the battery as possible to minimize contact with dangerous hazards. Our lifts transport the batteries securely, making it far less likely a battery can fall to the floor injuring someone or cracking open to spray acid everywhere.

In answer to the question: yes, Multi-Shifter materials handling equipment is well worth the cost. Contact us for more information on how our products improve productivity, lower costs and keep your workers safe.


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