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Battery Washing 101

Posted on December 6, 2011 00:54 by Admin

One of the most overlooked aspects of battery maintenance is battery washing. Without proper washing, batteries not only have shorter life but they also endanger workers and equipment. A Multi-Shifter battery wash cabinet should be part of your company's maintenance plan.

Corrosion And Its Hazards

Forklift batteries contain acid, and small amounts of that acid leak out and corrode any metal or other materials it contacts. This is most noticeable on the battery's terminals, where corrosion builds up quite visible. This layer of corrosion impedes the flow of electricity, reduces the battery's efficiency and shortens its useful life. It also causes a buildup of heat and can cause a fire.

Corrosion may be most visible at the terminals, but it affects the battery's casing as well. Acid slowly eats away the casing, threatening its integrity. This causes larger leaks, in some cases large enough to endanger workers. Finally, corroded batteries damage forklift electrical systems. Despite all of these many dangers, the problems can be minimized or eliminated with a regular program of battery washing.

Problems With Battery Wash Services

Battery washing is so critical to proper care that companies exist to do nothing but help you maintain your forklift batteries. Although we understand these companies provide a valuable service, especially to companies with small fleets who may not be able to afford their own wash equipment, they aren't the most cost-effective solutions for larger fleets.

Outside battery maintenance services can be quite expensive, but there is more to the cost than the actual fee. Your batteries are unavailable during the wash process, and for offsite services that might be days. Even if the company comes to your site, you have little control over how long it takes or when these services are available. Your entire fleet might be at a standstill during the wash.

Multi-Shifter Battery Washing Cabinets

Our line of battery washing equipment handles the washing process automatically. These automated cabinets are "set it and forget it" systems that require little worker oversight. Batteries are loaded in and then the machine takes care of feeding, washing and drying each unit. Workers are not exposed to hazardous acids or other compounds.

Battery wash wastewater has to be handled carefully due to the presence of acid and heavy metals such as lead or mercury. Multi-Shifter systems recycle the water to minimize the amount of waste produced. Every drop of wastewater is kept inside the unit with no danger of spills or accidental contamination. When the wash process is done, you can drain the contaminated water for proper disposal.

Don't overlook the importance of battery washing as part of forklift maintenance. Buy one of our inexpensive wash cabinets and enjoy the benefits of longer battery life.


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