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You may think that electric forklifts don't pollute since they don't put out emissions like gasoline-powered vehicles do. In fact there are several ways forklifts can damage the environment, but also at least one way that Multi-Shifter industrial wastewater treatment products can help you capture contaminants and dispose of them properly.

Washing Batteries

Terminal corrosion interferes with battery function, shortens battery life and can cause worker injury. Washing off this corrosion by hand is tedious and dangerous. Multi-Shifter battery wash cabinets automate the washing process, freeing up your workers for more important tasks. Our wash cabinets have one important feature in common: they collect the wash water for industrial wastewater treatment.

It may seem obvious that battery wash water contains acid, but that's not the real danger. The water also contains heavy metals such as lead and copper, and even a small amount of these metals can contaminate thousands of gallons of water. Multi-Shifter filtration systems provide industrial wastewater treatment that removes the heavy metals and returns the clean water back to the battery washer for reuse. The metals and other contaminants can be disposed of properly, plus the wash process uses less water. The result is a clean and efficient battery with no environmental contamination.

Washing Trucks

Batteries leak out small amounts of acid and this can cause corrosion of forklift parts over time. Forklifts used in outdoor environments can pick up a lot of mud and debris and this can foul wheels or other moving parts. When you wash your forklifts, you need to recover the water for industrial wastewater treatment. You want to avoid washing any strange chemicals from the forklifts down the drain and you also want to keep the detergent out of the environment. Even biodegradable detergents can still be toxic for months before they break down.

No, Multi-Shifter doesn't offer convenient forklift wash cabinets nor do we know of any company that does. We recommend using a commercial washing service since they will have the facilities to collect and treat the large amount of water used in vehicle washing.

Forklift Fluids

Electric forklifts can leak oil, hydraulic fluid or any number of other dangerous chemicals. The leaks are often very slow, but every drop that spills on the ground is another drop that finds itself in the environment. Maintenance should check vehicle fluid levels routinely to keep the fleet in top shape and any vehicle that is losing fluids quickly should be taken into the shop so the leak can be repaired.

If you will be storing forklifts for a long time, put drip pans or absorbent mats beneath each vehicle. These collect any errant drips so the fluids can be disposed of in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner.

Multi-Shifter battery wash cabinets and filtration systems provide industrial wastewater treatment for the leading source of electric forklift pollution. They are an investment in a healthier fleet and a cleaner planet.


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