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Keeping your forklifts charged can be a major drain on resources. At Multi-Shifter we have a number of battery handling systems aimed at large fleets, but we also have products designed specifically for the needs of smaller forklift fleets. If your business runs only a few forklifts, let us show you how a battery handling system improves your company's operation.

Safety First

One of the primary reasons our customers approach us is they are looking for a safer way to work with batteries. When you are handling electrically charged, acid-filled, hydrogen-producing blocks of lead, the opportunities for injury are staggering. This used to be accepted as just one of the risks of the job, but no longer.

In most cases, these injuries are caused because workers are not using the right tools. Multi-Shifter battery handling systems have been designed specifically to keep workers safe from the dangers. Your employees can extract, transport and charge batteries from your forklift fleet while minimizing contact with the cells themselves. The less contact your employees have, the less chance they have of injury. An additional benefit is that safe workers are happy workers, and happy workers are productive workers.

More Efficient Fleet Operation

You didn't buy forklifts just so they can sit in the warehouse plugged into a charging socket. You need them working at all hours your business is running. You wouldn't tolerate an idle worker, so why put up with idle equipment? You can swap out dead batteries for new ones, but doing that by hand takes time and during the operation that truck is not in service. For small fleets, the loss of one truck can have a huge impact on operations.

Multi-Shifter battery handling systems allow you to switch batteries in a fraction of the time you could do it by hand. The drained cells can then be easily transported to a designated storage and charging area until they are ready to be placed in another vehicle.

Save Money

Do you think your company can't afford a battery handling system? Our equipment pays for itself in many ways, and you can't afford not to use the right tools for the job.

When equipment is handled more safely, your company is at less risk of major injury liability expenses. Fewer injuries means less lost work time. Plus, as mentioned above, safe workers are more productive. The faster power cell changes made possible with our products means less disruption to fleet operation, allowing you to keep your business open for longer hours to generate more revenue and meet customer needs.

A Multi-Shifter battery handling system is an investment in your company's operational efficiency. Contact us and let us help you choose the right equipment for your operation.