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The Secret To Buying Cheap Forklift Batteries

Posted on August 18, 2011 20:05 by Admin

Multi-Shifter battery changing systems allow our customers to get more life from their batteries through proper recharging policies. However our equipment can help you save money on the purchase of new batteries as well. Instead of buying new batteries, squeeze more life out of the used batteries you can buy from other electric vehicle fleets.

The Market For Used Forklift Batteries

Every fleet manager knows that rechargeable batteries "wear out". With each recharge cycle the battery holds a little bit less charge. Our battery changing systems stretch out the life of a battery but eventually every power cell is doomed. However just because a battery is not longer effective in a particular role doesn't mean it can't be saved. Batteries used in large vehicles can be repurposed for use in smaller vehicles, such as forklifts carrying light loads. A battery that is no longer usable in a forklift transporting steel beams might be fine in a forklift operating in a clothing warehouse, since the latter is transporting much smaller loads.

Used Battery Benefits

The most common reason companies turn to used batteries is the cost savings. Used batteries are much cheaper, costing as little as half or even less of the price of a new battery, and can be used for many months. If your company uses both heavy and light lifters, you can even supply your own used batteries. Buy new batteries for the heavy machinery and then, as the power capacity dwindles, move the batteries to the light fleet. You get twice the use for the same price.

A less obvious benefit of reusing batteries is the environmental impact. Batteries are recycled to keep the dangerous heavy metals out of the environment, but even the recycling process uses energy and resources. If you can repurpose a battery and double its life, that means fewer resources used in the recycling process.

How Multi-Shifter Helps You With Used Batteries

To be fair, used batteries do require a bit of special handling. They need to be recharged more frequently than new batteries, but that doesn't have to have much of an impact on fleet productivity. Multi-Shifter battery changing systems are designed to make it easy to swap out discharged batteries for new ones, getting the forklift back on the floor in minutes. The discharged battery is transported to your recharging center where it can be ready to go in a few hours. Battery changing systems are safer and faster than manual battery removal. We think you'll find there is very little loss of productivity even with the more frequent replacement.

With more frequent battery replacement and the help of a Multi-Shifter battery changing system, your fleet will run as efficiently as before but at a much lower cost. Battery purchase expenses are lower, and you will be doing your part for the environment.