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Multi-Shifter Equipment As A Theft Deterrent

Posted on October 26, 2011 18:24 by Admin

Experts estimate the construction industry loses $5 billion per year to theft, much of this from rechargeable batteries, and this number doesn't include the additional losses from other industries that use forklifts such as warehouses and manufacturing plants. Protecting your site from theft doesn't have to mean spending money on 24-hour security or expensive video monitoring. Something as simple as a Multi-Shifter battery lift can turn thieves away from your site.

Taking Batteries Inside

The theft of rechargeable batteries has skyrocketed as the economy has flagged. People looking for a quick score sell the batteries to recycling centers and scrap yard for their metal content. One reason that batteries are such popular targets is that they are left out, unprotected. Tools and small equipment is locked up, but vehicles are left out in the yard to recharge where they make easy targets.

Few facilities have to room to bring forklifts inside, but you aren't recharging the forklift. You're recharging the battery. A battery lift can remove a battery and transport it inside in a few minutes. Set up a dedicated recharge area where you can plug all batteries in overnight. Your batteries are behind locked doors, so are no longer easy targets for thieves.

Reducing Vehicle Theft

Some gangs have larger ambitions, and they steal construction equipment. They may drive the vehicles off the lot to a nearby site where they strip them down for parts. Engines, tires and other parts can be sold, while the chassis can be taken to a scrap yard for a little extra cash. Some thieves sell the entire vehicle to used forklift businesses. To make themselves harder to track, they might drive the forklifts onto a flatbed and take them to another city.

Using a battery lift to take the battery inside immobilizes the vehicles. Although thieves could still push the unpowered forklifts onto a flatbed, most won't bother. It takes more time and looks suspicious to onlookers, so they are more likely to get caught.

Other Inexpensive Theft Protection

Enhance the theft protection available from a battery lift with signs, dummy cameras and padlocks to create an inexpensive security solution that will cost you less than what one theft would. "No Trespassing" signs send the message to potential thieves you are serious about security, and makes them wonder what other protections the lot has. Dummy cameras are nothing more than empty housings with blinking lights, but look just like the real thing. Padlocks on gates and buildings not only slow down outside thieves, but reduce employee theft as well.

A determined thief can beat any of these techniques, but the point is not to make your site a fortress. Instead you simply want to make a thief decide the location isn't worth the effort. Employ simple techniques like using Multi-Shifter battery lifts to put batteries under lock and key to reduce your costs and improve your profits.