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Many companies offer their customers the convenience of a ride on an electric vehicle to and from their cars. Hospitals, airports and concert arenas are just a few of the facilities where you'll find these vehicles. Rather than using inefficient methods of recharging, we recommend a Multi-Shifter battery changing system to keep your fleet operating efficiently.

Keep Vehicles In Service

A common protocol is to run the vehicles during the day and then plug them in to recharge overnight. However what if you have a day of high traffic and your shuttles grind to a halt? Can you really afford to keep extra vehicles around to fill in while the drained carts are recharging? A more economical choice is to swap power cells with a battery changing system.

With Multi-Shifter equipment, workers lift the old cell out of the vehicle and then replace it with a fully charged one. The shuttle is back in operation in a few minutes. It's more affordable to keep a few extra batteries around then to maintain an oversized fleet. This fast turnaround means you can expand your hours, since shuttles can go as long as you can keep putting in fresh batteries.

Healthier Batteries

Any piece of equipment will last longer if you treat it right, and rechargeable batteries are no exception. The leading cause of battery failure is incorrect charging schedules. If you discharge batteries either too much or too little before recharging, it greatly impacts the unit's ability to hold a charge. Soon you find your vehicles need to come back for recharging more and more frequently. Even worse, deep discharges can cause serious electrical problems in the vehicles themselves, leading to expensive repairs.

The short swap time of a Multi-Shifter battery changing system means you can bring vehicles in for new batteries when the cell is discharged at the proper level. Smart management can greatly increase the unit's life, and significantly cut your expenses. And yet this is done without any negative effect on fleet operations.

Reduced Worker Injury

It's no surprise that a big chunk of lead filled with electricity and acid offers numerous hazards. Our battery changing system keeps your workers safe by removing them from the danger area.

Manual power cell replacement is a problem because many vehicle manufacturers are concerned with making the vehicle pretty, often by putting the battery in an inconvenient place. Workers have to bend over to lift it out, straining their backs. A better option is to use a battery changing system that puts the weight on equipment sturdy enough to handle it.

Workers can be shocked or burned with acid if they are not careful. While these injuries may not be common, they can be devastating when they occur. Multi-Shifter equipment lets workers stand back, out of harm's way.

Contact Multi-Shifter today and let one of our representatives show you how a battery changing system can help your fleet of electric vehicles.